ICMI 2016 & 2017

Gender Wars News
Gender Wars - origin
ICMI 16 & 17
Big Questions


Anil Kumar
Erin Pizzey
Guttorm Grundt
Herbert Purdy
Janet Bloomfield
Janice Fiamengo
Josh O'Brian
Karen Straughan - girlwriteswhat
Lucian Valsan
Mark Pearson
Martin Evison
Mike Buchanan
Paul Apreda
Paul Elam
Philip Davies MP
Sage Gerard
Thomas Walter
Tim Hammond

After the Conference

AEFM: An Interview with Mark Pearson
Erin Pizzey Interview
Guttorm Grundt Interview
Herbert Purdy Interview
Interview with Mike Buchanan
Josh O'Brian Interview
Karen Straughan Interview
Mark Pearson Interview
Thomas Walter Interview
Janice Fiamengo Interview
Paul Elam Interview


Intro Paul Elam and Robert Brockway
Betina Arndt Keynote Address
Barry Williams
Tanveer Ahmed - Male Suicide and Gender Prejudice
Greg Canning - The Gender Health Gap
Karen Straughan - Evolutionary Realities
Miranda Devine - Feminism's Final Salvo
Martyrs of Marriage Q&A
Mark Latham - The Myth of White Male Privilege
Anil Kumar - Helping Male Victims of DV and False Allegations
Ken Arenson - The Demise of Equality Before the Law
Augusto Zimmermann - The Abuse of Domestic Violence Orders in Australia
Marc Angelucci - Freeing Men Through Activism
Mike Buchanan - Beyond Keyboard Activism
Robert Brockway - Closing Remarks and a Challenge for Andrew O'Keefe